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home manufacturing plantFounded in 1984, Essen has become a major supplier of weight loss & dietetic products including liquid proteins, salad dressings, sports drinks and gluten-free products.

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  1. ISOSHOT Liquid Protein
  2. ISO Power Whey Protein
  3. Mayo Ketchup
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Featured Product: ISOSHOT Liquid Protein

ISOSHOT is a fiber enhanced liquid protein food that provides a concentrated source of protein for people with increased protein needs.  Indications include protein-energy malnutrition, pre-and post-surgery, anorexia, stress, trauma and cancer.

Available in Grape, Mixed Berry, Orange and Pomegranate



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Featured Product: ISO Power Whey Protein


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ISOPOWER is a complete protein, with all the Amino acids that people need to stay healthy. These Amino acids are distributed throughout the body. They help grow and repair muscles and connective tissues. It also helps synthesize enzymes, hormones and supplies energy. Essen ISOPOWER is a Gold Standard level product.

Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mixed Berry




Featured Product:
Mayo Ketchup

MayoKetchup: The Original MayoKetchup is a tangy blend of Ketchup and Mayo with Garlic served traditionally with tostones but great as a sandwich spread or dipping sauce. Originally y called “Fat Sauce” in Puerto Rico and “Fry Sauce” today in the US, MayoKetchup has become a popular condiment for all taste buds.




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Research & Development

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checked-icon  FDA Registerd Facility

checked-icon  SQF Quality Level H.A.C.C.P Certified



Essen’s FDA registered facility in Illinois, houses a state of the art research and development center.  It is headed by Dr. Ani (M.Anirudhan), a pioneer of applied nutrition and food manufacturing research.  He has been honored by the National Food Processors Association and is one of the first certified Food Scientists by The Institute of Food Technologist. 


Essen has extensive quality control programs in place adhering to the standards set by the United States’ FDA and international bodies.  In addition we have strict guidelines and in house regulatory compliance team. 

Distribution / Private Label

essen private labeling

Essen Nutrition has provided private labeling for national grocery chains and weight loss centers for over 30 years.  Essen provides the highest brand quality for our clients’ private labeling needs.  Current private label products include: Liquid Proteins, Salad Dressings & Sauces, sugar free syrups, instant desserts, specialty-seasoning mixes and enhanced pure whey protein supplements. 

Essen has continually been recognized for being the most reliable food manufacturing partner in North America.  Since 2000, Essen Nutrition has been honored 9 times with best supplier award from the Kroger Company.  

Health Guide

Resistant Starch

Traditionally people get their fiber from sources such as whole grains, produce and beans.  Yet all fibers are not alike.  Now there is an exciting new way to augment these traditional sources and increase fiber intake.  It is called natural resistant starch, a newly discovered fiber that offers a wide variety of additional important health benefits related to weight control, glycemic management and digestive health.

Gluten Free

Gluten, which is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye and spelt, is found in many food products and not always clearly listed as an ingredient. Essen Nutrition is committed to provide high quality gluten free products.  We also will formulate custom recipes for your needs. 

Salad Dressings for Heart Health

Building a healthy eating pattern in our lives is very important.  That includes a good amount of greens with our salads which provide an array of essential nutrients.  Essen's protein enhanced Salad dressings are low-calorie and made with pure nutritious Canola Oil that helps in the absorption of anti-oxidants vitamin A & E from salads and is a rich source of Omega-3 Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) to support heart health.


Our Products

  • Dressing and Sauces
  • Mayonnaise
  • Syrups
  • Bread
  • Mayo Ketchup
  • Pudding mixes
  • Hot cocoa mixes
  • Instant mixes
  • Instant breakfast
  • High Protein Drinks
  • Power mixes-custom blend any dry mixes
  • Special formulas from low calorie-low sodium to national brand formulas
  • Gluten free bread mix

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