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We believe in the science of nutrition and food manufacturing research, applied to food manufacturing and consumption with a goal of healthy, nutritious living.

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Solid Facts on Liquid Protein

by in Healthy & Nutritious Living
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Lots of people want to know if there’s a difference or an advantage to drinking a liquid protein supplement over eating solid protein in whole foods. Like so many things in the world of nutrition and the human body there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It really depends on your aim or your goals and how your body tolerates various foods and beverages. That can vary by the time of day, the situation, and even your schedule. There’s no denying that balanced intake that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and low-fat protein sources is the backbone of healthy intake, but we all know that there are times when sitting down to a balanced meal isn’t feasible, practical, or optimal. Any recommendation that overemphasizes that foundation of a healthy diet as the only source of vital nutrients misses the needs of individuals who might benefit from a protein supplement.

Straight to the Source

So is there any difference between the protein in ISOSHOT and the protein in a chicken breast or steak? Yes, and no. When it comes down to it, protein is protein. As long as you take in adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids, and adequate protein overall, your body doesn’t care what the source of that protein was. That said, we still need to be mindful of what else we’re eating and drinking along with that protein. With protein, in particular, it’s important to consider how much saturated fat or added sugar the protein source contains. That goes for both food sources and protein supplements. (I’ve seen burger patties with added sugar, and sauces on meats can be loaded with added sugar!) Does the supplement or meal provide fiber and various vitamins and minerals along with the protein? Is it a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids or do you need a complementary protein to fill in the gaps? ISOSHOT liquid protein is a complete protein, from hydrolyzed collagen, [MTT1] with added fiber and no fat. ISOSHOT has 4g[MTT2]  of added sugar, but that’s about the same amount as you’ll get from an average stick of gum and well below the American Heart Association’s recommended limit of no more than 25g/day for women or 36g/day for men. So if there are times when a balanced meal isn’t going to work for you, ISOSHOT is a great way to get a boost of protein without adding excess sugar, fat, and calories!

Working Out the Details

I don’t know about you, but after a workout, the last thing I want to do is eat a meal. If I’m working out at night it gets even trickier, because I have to figure out how to get the right amount of nutrients to help my body recover and repair without eating too late and affecting my sleep. Bridget Benelam, a nutrition scientist with the British Nutrition Foundation used this argument to put whole foods on a pedestal, “There is evidence that 20g [of protein] consumed after exercise can help with muscle growth and repair, but this can be provided by a small chicken breast, a can of tuna or three medium eggs.” Let me think about that. I’ve just finished a run or other strenuous workout; would I rather eat a can of tuna or three eggs, or have a liquid supplement with an equal amount of protein? For me that’s a no-brainer. Right after I exercise I typically have very little appetite or desire to eat. A liquid protein supplement, like ISOSHOT, helps me rehydrate while providing my body with the protein that it needs post-workout. It’s the best way for me to meet my nutritional needs in that situation.

What works best for you after your workout? Let us know in the comments!

On the Go

I’m always on the go. I pretty much don’t stop from the time I wake up until it’s time to head back off to dream land. The only way I get a balanced meal at lunch is to pack my lunches for the week during the weekend, and surprise surprise, that doesn’t always happen. If I could have brunch every day, I would, but I never sit down to breakfast during the week. It’s coffee in a to-go mug during my commute. I’ve tried making breakfast sandwiches and other “portable” breakfasts, but eating while driving in rush hour traffic isn’t exactly ideal. I inevitably end up with food in my lap and that doesn’t really fit well with a business casual dress code. A liquid supplement, like ISOSHOT, for breakfast is a great option for me. I can have it in a sealed container that fits in my drink holder. It’s quick, convenient, and it gives me a breakfast option that fits my busy life. That’s definitely better than no breakfast!

Do you have schedule challenges that would make ISOSHOT a good option for you?

Supply and Demand

This is something that I can’t speak to personally, but I’ve known a few individuals who just can’t seem to eat enough to meet the nutritional needs of their bodies. There are all kinds of reasons this might be the case, but the most common is that it’s just a natural part of aging. It’s well established that older adults have higher protein needs. [i], [ii] Often times this is accompanied by a decreased appetite and/or lower calorie needs, making meeting the body’s demand for protein a serious challenge. A liquid protein supplement, like ISOSHOT, can boost protein intake with less impact on satiety, or the body’s feeling of fullness after eating, than equal protein from a food source.[iii], [iv] For anyone struggling with finding the balance between consuming enough protein but not too many calories, a liquid protein supplement like ISOSHOT provides a refreshing boost of protein without leaving them feeling full or heavy.

A word of caution for anyone wanting to lose weight. ISOSHOT is a low-calorie protein supplement and is a smart way to boost protein while cutting calories in a weight loss plan. Because liquid protein sources have less impact on satiety, if you have a healthy appetite, a liquid protein might leave you feeling like you want to eat more, so you have to be mindful that you don’t end up going over your calorie budget. Counting and tracking your calories and portioning your food can help you make sure that you’re staying on track. Fiber can help increase satiety, too, so make sure that your meal and snack plan includes high fiber foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.


The bottom line is that there isn’t one perfect, healthy, well-balanced eating pattern.  Healthy intake can be achieved in a variety of ways depending on your needs, your activity level, your schedule, and, of course, your preferences! The best eating plan for you is the one that you’ll stick to and enjoy. If a liquid protein source makes sense as part of your diet plan, Essen Nutrition’s ISOSHOT Liquid Protein is a great option. ISOSHOT liquid hydrolyzed collagen is a highly bioavailable source of amino acids. A single serving provides 15g of protein and only 76 calories. It can be used as a meal enhancement for a reduced calorie diet, or a protein supplement to support the increased protein needs that accompany elevated levels of physical activity. It comes in four delicious flavors (mixed berry, pomegranate, orange, and grape), and the individual packets are convenient to take on the go. Keep a few packets of ISOSHOT hydrolyzed collagen in your desk drawer, your glove compartment, or your gym bag for those times when you need a quick pick me up!

Tell us in the comments below why you love ISOSHOT hydrolyzed collagen and how you’re including ISOSHOT as part of your balanced diet and health routine.

** ISOSHOT is a nutritional supplement and isn’t intended to treat or cure any medical condition. This article is intended to provide general information only. It isn’t a substitute for medical advice from a qualified medical professional, and no nutritional supplement should be substituted for your prescribed medications or the advice of your medical team. Everyone is unique, and what is safe and effective for one person may not be for another. Before taking any nutritional supplement, be sure to consult with your physician, medical specialist(s), and/or a registered dietitian in order to get the best information for you. **

[i]Baum JI, Kim I-Y, Wolfe RR. Protein Consumption and the Elderly: What Is the Optimal Level of Intake? Nutrients. 2016;8(6):359. doi:10.3390/nu8060359.

[ii]Courtney-Martin G, Ball RO, Pencharz PB, Elango R. Protein Requirements during Aging. Nutrients. 2016;8(8):492. doi:10.3390/nu8080492.

[iii]Tieken SM, Leidy HJ, Stull AJ, Mattes RD, Schuster RA, Campbell WW. Effects of Solid versus Liquid Meal-replacement Products of Similar Energy Content on Hunger, Satiety, and Appetite-regulating Hormones in Older Adults. Hormone and metabolic research = Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones et metabolisme. 2007;39(5):389-394. doi:10.1055/s-2007-976545.

[iv]Stull AJ, Apolzan JW, Thalacker-Mercer AE, Iglay HB, Campbell WW. Liquid and Solid Meal Replacement Products Differentially Affect Postprandial Appetite and Food Intake in Older Adults. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2008;108(7):1226-1230. doi:10.1016/j.jada.2008.04.014.

 [MTT1]I don’t have a copy of the label, so I’m not sure if this is true. I suspect that it may not be since it isn’t listed as a complete protein on the website. LMK if it needs to be reworded.

 [MTT2]Check the label for this as well. I calculated that based on the Calories and g protein, but the label may say something different.

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